Steam Festival 2023

On May 6, 7 and 8, the Vapeur 2023 festival will showcase historic trains and military equipment on the occasion of the commemorations of the end of the Second World War. For this national event organized by the AJECTA association (Longueville, Seine&Marne), many steam locomotives from all over France will travel to Longueville. Journeys by steam train, historic railcars, exhibitions, demonstrations of exceptional locomotives and many other surprises will be on the agenda

Pre-sales of daily passes are open:

These packages allow:

  • to take the train (without guarantee of a seat).
  • attend the presentation of locomotives and historical equipment at the rotunda.
  • to attend the train show at Longueville station with atypical compositions and surprises.

You only have 3 days left to save 15 euros per ticket.
Until January 31, preferential rates are offered:. One-day pass: adult 60 euros and child 40 euros (instead of 75 and 55 euros); two-day pass: adult 100 euros and child 70 euros (instead of 115 and 85 euros); three-day pass: adult 140 euros and child 100 euros (instead of 155 and 115 euros).

1 Day Packages

 Saturday 06 May   or  Sunday 07 May  or  Monday 08 May  :

Full Fare : 60€  Reduced rate : 40€

2 Days Packages

 Saturday 06 + Sunday 07 May   or    Sunday 07 + Monday 08 May :

Full Fare : 100€  Reduced rate : 70€

3 Days Package

Saturday 06 + Sunday 07 + Monday 08 May 

Full Fare : 140€  Reduced rate : 100€

These rates apply for packages booked BEFORE January 31, 2023

Reduced rates for children from 6 to 11 years old, and AJECTA members up to date with their 2022 subscription

Free for children under 6 accompanied by at least one full-fare adult

Click to download the booking form

At the request of our bank, for banking security reasons, we have removed bank references from all our communications. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please ask for our references by email to,

Si If you wish to pay by credit card or paypal, please fill in your form, scan it and send it by email to, in return we will send you the reservation number as well as a secure link which will allow you to make the payment.

If you pay by electronic transfer, you can send your registration form by email,, indicating the date and reference of your transfer.

Subscription for photographers

Subscription for exceptional traffic on Friday 05 May

In addition to the 3 days of the 2023 steam festival, a subscription is open to run special trains (without passengers) on Friday May 5, 2023, the day before the festival. Just for the eyes, just for the picture.

A snowplow train, a military train, a freight train, a machine train, two trains side by side….

Each level, of €2,500, reached will allow, subject to acceptance by SNCF, to run one of these special trains.

In the event of refusal by the SNCF to run one or more special trains above, AJECTA will run the trains in double or triple traction and rear locomotive.

The trains will run only if the amount reached by the subscription is sufficient. Otherwise, there will be no traffic on Friday.

Link to subscription site

The steam locomotives expected to come are:

  • 141R1126 (Toulouse),
  • 141R840 (Les Aubrais),
  • 141TD740 (Limoges),
  • 140C38 (Limoges),
  • 020 020 (Mulhouse),
  • 241P17 (Le Creusot),*
  • 140C27 (Nîmes),
  • 141TB407 (Longueville),*
  • 140C231 (Longueville),
    Subject to work
  • The proposed schedule :
    • Friday 5 may 2023 – Day for leisure centers and online photographers
    • Saturday 6 may 2023 – Festival open to the general public – Theme end of the 2nd war
    • Sunday 7 may 2023 – Festival open to the general public – Theme end of the 2nd war
    • Monday 8 may 2023 – Festival open to the general public – Theme end of the 2nd war
  • Trains Routes :
    • Longueville <–> Romilly/Seine
    • Longueville <–> Provins
    • Longueville <–> Villiers St Georges *
    • Longueville <–> Montereau Fault Yonne *

* Traffic without passengers “for the eyes” Subject to funding

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